Civil Construction

Oikos Construções operates in civil construction developing commercial, industrial and corporate projects. Its portfolio includes design and construction of shopping malls, car dealerships, soccer stadiums, industries, public works, and others.


Created in 2012, Oikos Energy has professionals with more than 35 years of experience to provide the solutions in works and developments of energy generation, transmission and distribution.


Remote Link aims to stablish clearness and agility in corporate environments management, presenting devices with embedded new technologies to remote presence control, associated to a real time management multi-platform system.

Real Estate

M2R Business is a young and modern company, with a dynamic team providing quick response and strategic thinking, taking into account the satisfaction and the quality of services offered to customers eis.

Outsourced Services

Via Serviços Integrados is an outsourced services provider operating in various segments. The company has structure, efficiency and agility necessary to ensure the ideal service environment, contributing to your company’s growth.

Pest Control

Founded in 2007, Bio Control is a pest control company. It has a specialized team, serving industries, condominiums and residences.


The Group


The OM Group was created in 2011 from the synergy of seven companies. The purpose of the group is to offer smart solutions to the market, generating and multiplying value to its clients.

Our operation areas include logistics, construction, energy, technology, realty and services. Our work scope comprises both opportunity identification and business promotion, including advanced management and relationship practices.






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